Award Winning collaborative content authoring platform

  • High volume content creation
  • HTML5 output
  • Workflow enabled
  • Seamless LMS integration

Rich, Interactive Content Authoring

Avail of a wide variety of content templates spanning learning requirements across Interactive, Instructional, and Assessment needs. Designed by Instructional Designers, the templates allow users to create Rich, Interactive content across subject domains.

The templates are Accessibility Compliant, and are pre-tested for cross-browser compatibility in different environments to ensure the instructional integrity of authored content is retained in differing environments.

Dictera frees Authors to concentrate on creating great educational content.

Collaborative Content Development

Collaborate with Authors and Reviewers across geographies and time zones to develop rich, interactive learning content. Customize Workflows to streamline your collaboration, ensuring content development benefits from Authoring-Reviewing cycles enabled by real-time content sharing and centralised feedback to meet content quality and developmental timelines.

Integrate with LMSs to deploy and deliver your learning content.

Dictera allows you to scale your requirements across geographies, connecting users across specific roles, and ensures integrity of your work process and content.

Cloud-based System

As a cloud-based Authoring and Publishing platform, Dictera liberates its users from constraints of desktop based authoring platforms, allowing for users across geographies and differing time zones to collaborate together in developing learning content.

Content development teams are integrated in auto-managed workflows that streamline the process into distinct steps defined for specific user roles, managing multiple hand-offs seamlessly, all on the Cloud.

Benefit from increased efficiency, and freedom from platform compatibility and scalability issues.

HTML5 Publishing

Dictera allows users to generate learning content in HTML5.

Driven by the increasing adoption of mobile devices as a means to consume content on the move, HTML5 is fast turning into a preferred means of delivering content.

In keeping with the changes in content consumption driven by devices, Dictera offers users the option to publish their learning content in HTML5 to fulfill this fast expanding consumer need.

Multiple Device Output

Author Once, Publish to Multiple Devices.

Benefit from Dictera Players and Templates rigorously tested on Multiple OS/Browser/Device combinations, and publish to multiple devices at the click of a button.

Dictera remains current with changing technology and market requirements, its features updated just so Dictera users don't have to tangle with the demands of changing technology, instead freeing them to create great learning content, rich, interactive, and engaging.

Multiple Browser-OS Support

Accounting for the permutations and combinations of Operating Systems and Browsers currently in use is a challenge in delivering learning content to an audience scattered in its use of the options available in the market.

Dictera vigorously tests its output across a wide combination of browsers and Operating Systems to ensure the content created on the platform retains its integrity.